Kaycha Labs Named Designated Lab for Florida’s Hemp Program

Florida's Department of Agriculture, headed by Nikki Fried, have been making massive regulatory moves to help regulate the CBD market in the state. One of the strongest points in Florida's regulations are the testing requirements, which are the most stringent to date in the nation, and they have now released who they have chosen as their designated lab for hemp testing, Kaycha Labs.

Cynthia Brewer, vice president of Kaycha Labs, says this new regulatory framework will help a lot of stakeholders. “I am thrilled that Florida has created a regulatory framework that incorporates both well-defined procedures and high standards,” says Brewer. “Everyone benefits – consumers are protected and hemp producers become known for as- advertised, quality product. All of us at Kaycha are looking forward to working with both and the cultivators and the Department of Plant Industry.”

As the months go by, the Department of Agriculture is moving forward with proper regulations at an accelerated rate to help strengthen and build trust in the industry. Now that there is a designated lab, Floridians have a lab to look for when checking a company's Certificate of Analysis.

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